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Aeronca Manuals Engines Magnetos
Carburetors Checklists & POHs Other Stuff

Here are some manuals that have been scanned, donated, and otherwise procured.  Use at your own risk.  I make no claim about correctness of these manuals, I only posted them for your examination and possible use.  /Todd

Aeronca Champ Service Manual (Scanned by Todd Trainor, June 2008)
L-16A & L-16B Manuals (Donated by Dave Boyers, Sept 2007)

USAF Series

7EC & 7FC Operating and Service Manual (11 MB)

Bendix NA-S3A1 Carburetor Manual (Donated by Mike Knemeyer)

This was printed as one document, but it has been split into 3 separate files for easy downloading.

Aeronca E-107 and E-113 Engine Manual (26 MB)
   For running and overhauling the E-107 and E-113 engine.  Includes NA-S2 Carburetor manual.
Champ Checklist (Donated by Bob Hartman August 2005)
7AC Checklist (N85433) (Donated by Paul Miller July 2003)
  • Preflight
  • Before Engine Start
  • Engine Start
  • Before Taxi
  • Before Takeoff
  • Takeoff
  • Landing
  • After Landing
  • Shutdown

Eisemann Service Handbook LA-4, LA-6, AM-4, AM-6 (2500 KB PDF) (Donated by Jody Wittmeyer)
Eisemann Parts Catalog LA-4, LA-6, AM-4 (670 KB PDF) (Donated by Jody Wittmeyer)

Aeronca Chief POH - SB version (Donated by Steven Briggs)
  • This is a version of the POH written by Brian McCuaig, below.  11 pages.

Aeronca Chief Pilot Operating Handbook (39 KB PDF) (Donated by Cy Galley, written by Brian McCuaig)

  • Brian McCuaig created this Pilot's Operating Manual for the Aeronca 11 Series Chiefs, including the 11AC, S11AC, 11BC, and S11BC.  13 pages.

Bendix Scintilla (Donated by Todd Trainor)

  • Operating Instructions for S4RN-20, S4RN-21, S4LN-20, S4LN-21, S6RN-20, S6RN-21, S6LN-20, S6LN-2

  • Service Instructions for S4RN-20, S4RN-21, S4LN-20, S4LN-21, S6RN-20, S6RN-21, S6LN-20, S6LN-2

  • Service Parts List for S4R(L)N-20, S4R(L)N-21

Ex-Cell-O Fuel Injector Model B4 and B6 (1124 KB PDF)  (Donated by Robert Parker, 5-20-02)
  • Handbook and Instruction Manual, Model B4 and B6 Gasoline Injection System
    Note from the contributor, Robert Parker:
        There is/was an Ex-Cell-O fuel injection system used on small aircraft. During WWII the military want an injected engine, so the Mfgs. went to Ex-Cell-O. They made a B4 and B6 model, for 4 and 6 cylinder tractors, needless to say the fuel injection was put on military aircraft. Some TCDS call for Ex-Cello-O as an option. Don,t know this for a fact, but the NAS carb. was most likely the reason for the military desires.
        Ex-Cell-O was in Detroit instead of Chicago, they still exist but sold the rights for the system, to a tractor firm in Norfolk back in 50s. I called the tractor place in 1985 and they said they had not supported the system since 1960s, later years.
        On Continental 85s it was mounted on the bottom nose, where they put the vacuum pumps now. On Franklin 6 cyl. it was mounted on the rear accessory case.  On the Continental C125 it was mounted on the nose case left side. On the Jacobs 0-360 I am not sure but I think it was mounted on the rear case, that was a liquid cooled engine.
       I have a customer that has one on his C-85 Chief, I overhauled in 1985 (when I found all of this out) and it is still running trouble free. Have cleaned the injectors a couple times but that is all, since I O/Hd it in 85.
        There is a lot of bad mouthing of them by some on this list, I feel it is because they know nothing of the system. It does have to be timed to the engine, maybe they did not know this, and had problems. With my experience with the system, I cannot tell you why it did not go over.  So, yes, they did have fuel injection on small airplanes.
McDowell Starter Patent #2266098 (Donated by Jim Spee, 2-7-03)
  • Looks like the original patent for the McDowell starter.  If you know anything more about this document, please let me know.
Factory Weight & Balance Form - Sample from NC83348 (Donated by Mike Knemeyer)

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