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Scale Model Aeronca K Photos - Bob Wischer
(Last updated 12/22/08)

These photos of Bob Wischer's quarter scale Aeronca K were provided by Dolly Wischer.  This scale model Aeronca K was featured in the August 1985 issue of Model Aviation magazine.

Model-2.jpg (32881 bytes)
During Construction (33K)

MODEL-3.JPG (45891 bytes)
During Construction (45K)

MODEL-13.JPG (46856 bytes)
During Construction (46K)

Model-1.jpg (40129 bytes)
Disassembled (40K)

MODEL-11.JPG (36656 bytes)
Disassembled (36K)

MODEL-4.JPG (67250 bytes)
Completed (66K)

MODEL-5.JPG (44415 bytes)
Completed (44K)

MODEL-7.JPG (39920 bytes)
Completed (39K)

MODEL-9.JPG (39075 bytes)
Completed (39K

MODEL-8.JPG (41878 bytes)
Completed (41K)

MODEL-6.JPG (37268 bytes)
Completed (37K)

MODEL-10.JPG (50126 bytes)
Completed (49K)

MODEL-12.JPG (33557 bytes)
Details of completed landing gear (33K)

MODEL-14.JPG (10683 bytes)
Landing gear detail (11K)

MODEL-16.JPG (34197 bytes)
Tail surface details (34K)

MODEL-15.JPG (35447 bytes)
Rudder, fin, and guide wire (35K)


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