E-113 Engine Manual
Aeronca K and Aeronca Engine facts, photos, sounds, part and restoration information.

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AERONCA Engine Handbook

Notice: This is an electronic versions for the original 1938 AERONCA Engine Handbook. The information provided herein was retyped or scanned from the original Handbook. No statement of accuracy is made. Hardcopy versions of the original Handbook are available for $30.00 from Tom Trainor, 1949 Canary, Troy MI, 48858.

Specifications of AERONCA Engines
Section 1 - Unpacking
Section 2 - Mounting
Section 3 - Fuel Supply
Section 4 - Oil System
Section 5 - Ignition System
Section 6 - Attaching Propeller
Section 1 - Fuel
Section 2 - Lubricating Oil
Section 3 - Importance of Regular Oil Changes
Section 4 - Rocker Arm Lubrication
Section 5 - Valve Guide Lubrication
Section 6 - Top Cylinder Lubrication
Section 7 - Starting Engine
Section 8 - Warmng Up Engine
Section 9 - Oil Pressure
Section 10 - Stopping Engine
Section 11 - Idline Adjustment
Section 12 - Hard Starting
Section 13 - Treatment of New Engine
Section 1 - Daily Inspection
Section 2 - Ten Hour Inspection
Section 3 - Twenty Hour Inspection
Section 4 - One Hundred Hour Inspection
Section 1 - Need for Top Overhaul
Section 2 - Top Overhaul of E-107A Engine
 A. Disassembly of Cylinders
 B. Valve Grinding
 C. Valve Springs
 D. Cylinder
 E. Reassembly of E107A Cylinders
 F. Assembly of E107A Cylinders to Crankcase
Section 3 - Top Overhaul of E-113 Engine
 A. Disassembly of Cylinders
 B. Valve Grinding
 C. Valve Springs
 D. Cylinders
 E. Reassembly of E-113 Cylinders
 F. Assembly of E-113 Cylinders to Crankcase
Section 4 - Top Overhaul of E-113A Engine
 A. Disassembly of Cylinders
 B. Valve Grinding
 C. Valve Springs
 D. Cylinders
 E. Reassembly of E-113A Cylinders
 F. Assembly of E-113A Cylinders to Crankcase
Section 4a - Top Overhauld of E-113B and E-113C Engines
 A. Disassembly of Ignition Wire Bracket
Section 5 - Inspection of Engine During Top Overhaul
 A. Piston and Piston Pins
 B. Piston Rings
 C. Connecting Rod Assembly (Roller Bearing)
 D. Camshaft and Cam Followers
Section 6 - Cleaning Interior of Engine During Top Overhaul
Section 7 - "Running In" Engine

Section 1 - Factory Overhaul
Section 2 - Complete Disassembly
  A. Removing Cylinders
  B. Removing Pistons
  C. Disassembly
Section 3 - Inspection and Replacement of Parts
  A. Cam Followers
  B. Push Rods
  C. Camshaft Assembly
  D. Cylinder Assembly
  E. Pistons, Pins and Rings
  F. Cranckase
  G. Backplate
  H. Gears
  I. Gear Cover
  J. Exterrnal Oil Lines
  K. Breather Assembly
  L. Oil Pump Assembly
  M. Intake Manifold
  N-1. Crankshaft & Connectng Rod Assembly Part No. 358 (1/4" Connecting Rod Rollers with Cage)
  N-2. Assembly of Connectng Rod Bearings on Part No. 358 - Crankshaft & Connecting Rod Assembly (1/4" Rollers with Cage)
  O-1. Crankshaft & Connecting Rod Assembly Part No. 718 (Needle Roller Connecting Rod Bearings)
  O-2. Assembly of Connecting Rod Needle Bearings on Part No. 718 Crankshaft & Connecting Rod Assembly
  O-3. Crankshaft & Connectng Rod Assembly Part No. 750 - Plain Bearings on Crankshaft
  O-4. Assembly of Connecting Rod Plain Bearings on No. 750 Crankshaft and Connecting Rod Assembly
    1. Two Sizes of Plain Bearings
    2. Oil Clearances in Bearings
    3. Regrinding of Crankpins
    4. Correct Location of Bearing Shells
    5. List of Plain Bearings Available
    6. Converting E-113B to E-113C
    7. Installing Plain Bearings on any Engine
  P. Ignition System
    1. Spark Plugs
    2. Ignition Cables
    3. Magneto & Implule Coupling
    4. Magneto Timing Marks
    5. Timng the Magneto
    6. Irregular Running at Full Throttle
    7. Automatic Spark Control
  Q-1. Carburetor - Zenth 156 AL
  Q-2. Carburetor - Stromberg NAS-2
Section 4 - Assembling the Engine
  A. Assembling Pistons
  B. Assembling Cylinders to Crankcase
  C. Valve Timng
  D. Assembly of Gear Cover & Accessories
  E. Fitting Propeller Hub to Crankshaft
Section 5 - "Running In" Engine After Overhaul
Section 6 - Servce Station Tools
Section 7 - Numerical Engine Parts List
Section 8 - Table of Fits - AERONCA Engines
Section 9 - Figures
    Fig 1      Fig 5A      Fig 7      Fig 11
    Fig 2      Fig 5B      Fig 8      Fig 12
    Fig 3      Fig 5C      Fig 9      Fig 13
    Fig 5      Fig 6        Fig 10A   Fig 14
Section 10 - Stromberg Carburator Data


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