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Tech Notes

Here are some technical notes that have been collected and documented over the years of restoring Aeronca K's.  Since Tom Trainor owns this web site and his son (me) is the web master, a lot of the technical notes are from Tom, for no reason other than I have direct access to his knowledge and experience. 

An airframe manual for the Aeronca K was never written or published by Aeronca.  The only documentation we have for this 63 year old airplane is from those who have experienced restoring an Aeronca K and have spent the time to document it.   I encourage anybody with technical notes about please send them to me, Todd Trainor, at TTAD@AOL.COM

Aeronca only built 357 Aeronca K's, and only 62 are known to exist today.  For the sake of preserving the history of the Aeronca K and to help future generations restore and fly the Aeronca K for another few centuries, please send me your technical notes, pictures, experience, etc.  The goal of this web site is to be a compresensive knowledge database for the the Aeronca K.   /Todd

Tech Notes Index

Wheel Pants - Aeronca K
Fabricating T Section for the wings
E-113 Engine Tech Notes
Online Drawings Index (with tech notes)
Aileron Cables in the cabin and Fitting 1-211
Wing Assembly

more to come...
(please send me your notes)


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