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What Aeronca K Owners Are Doing - Current Projects
(Last updated 10/21/10)

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Todd Trainor, K-318

As of Oct 2010 I have the fuselage
of K-318 hanging in my hangar while I finish other projects and organize my shop.

I also own K-247 which is also hanging from the ceiling.

The engine mount on K-318 was cut off by a previous own to install a O-145-B2. I need weld it back on for the E-113.

I assembled K-318 and pushed it into the lake to "see if it would float."

I expect it may take me 4 years to restore this K Seaplane.

This is a photo from the previous owner's family.  Apparently the pontoon covers were not secured during a flight. Notice the Lycoming engine.

Nigel Minchin, K-283

I have had G-ONKA, K-283 for ten years
and am still flying it in the UK.  (2006)

Taken on Boxing Day about 3 years ago.
You can just see some frost on the
ground in front of the machine. (2006)

A speck of forward left landing strut
and my 340 yard strip. (2006)



Carl Nasholm, K-129

Aeronca K 129 Profile.jpg (47497 bytes)

For sale with 65hp Lycoming O-145.  Carl's plane is based in Milwalkie, OR.

Jerry Griggs
, K-154
Posted on 2/7/05

Aeronca K NC18869 as it appeared
in 1981 when I first took possession
of her.

 Another view of NC18869 in
1981 with my dad and I.

Taken at Kingman, KS in 1985 after the
wings were rebuilt with new ribs,
leading edge aluminum skin and
recovered with Polyfiber. The
fuselage and tail surfaces were
rejuvenated and painted to match wings.

 The K landing at my backyard, Lake Waltanna
Residential Airport (SN65). You will notice
the wording FLY $3 PER HOUR......
on the fuselage sides. Since the first owner
of this K was Tulsa Commercial Airport,
I felt it was an appropriate addition.

The Connie and the K. Photo taken at
McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita
during an open house, September 2002.
Special permission was granted to fly
the K into McConnell where the K was
displayed along with other planes,
old cars and the beautiful Connie.

Open house at McConnell Air Force Base,
September 2002. Later in the afternoon
of Saturday, someone parked this beautifully
restored Ford next to the K.
I couldn't resist the photo opportunity.

September 2000 at the Beaumont Hotel,
Beaumont, Kansas. It is a fly-in/drive-in
hotel that caters to flyers in the Wichita area.
Many events are held here for motorcycle
antique car owners and of course pilots.

The panel of the K as it was when I originally
purchased it. Photo taken in late 1984.
The existing tachometer is from a Rearwin.
I've since purchased an Aeronca tachometer
that was refurbished and installed

During the Christmas season of 2003,
I decided to put the K in the front yard
for a Christmas decoration. I put lights on
it and lettering in front of it along with an
inflatable penguin. A motorist happened by
stopping to complement me on the work saying
it looked almost like a real airplane.

A snowstorm came along a few days later
and created a wonderful photo opportunity.
This one is my favorite of the
Christmas K photos

This photo won second place in AvWeb s
photo contest shortly before Christmas 2004.

TAG Aviation saw the 20004 photo on AvWeb's
electronic magazine and wanted to use it for
their 2004 Christmas Card. I gave them
permission and this is the result.


Captain Johnny Slow Walking Davis (deceased),
Eastern Air Lines. This photo image was given
to me by Captain Davis' daughter, Anita Davis
Revell with permission to use on web site.
The photo was taken on May 26, 1940 at Tallahassee.
The airplane is NC17495. Johnny was 27 years old
at the time.

Janice Griggs on final during her first solo
flight, October 19, 2004.

Janice Griggs on final during her first solo
flight, October 19, 2004.

Andrea Hattan just prior to touchdown
on her first solo flight, October 20, 2004

Janice Griggs poses with the Aeronca K
and shirttail.

Andrea Hattan poses with the Aeronca K
and shirttail.

October 20, 2004, left to right, 1st solo student
pilot Andrea Hattan, instructor Jerry Griggs,
and 1st solo student pilot Janice Griggs.

Roy Lindgren, K-214

k214b.jpg (75724 bytes)

Friends helping to assemble my Aeronca K-214 at my home in Guilford, Connecticut.

Herman W. Leffew, K-260
WarmingUp.jpg (66332 bytes)
Warming Up.
12/31/99 (65 KB)
UpWeGo.jpg (43236 bytes)
Up we go.
12/31/99 (43 KB)
TchDwn.jpg (34636 bytes)
Touch down.
12/31/99 (34 KB)
TchDwn2.jpg (43364 bytes)
Touch down #2.
12/31/99 (43 KB)
TstPilot.jpg (64236 bytes)
The test pilot.
12/31/99 (63 KB)

Video Clip
K260_TO_movie_still.jpg (3692 bytes)
15 second video of
second take off.
(1.4 MB)

12/31/99 Update: Photos courtesy of Mike Bednarek. On 12/31/99 Mike writes:  K-260 had it official "first flight" this afternoon. Test pilot was Emmet Stewart 3rd, son of the current operaters of the Waynesville Airport. On the short first flight, Emmy did a basic "flight eval," including slow flight, stalls, and steep turns. After landing, no re-rigging was necessary. However, we did drop the cowling and cured some fuel leaks. On the second flight, Emmy took it up well past "nose bleed" altitude and did a 1-turn spins in both directions.

On the 3rd and last flight of the afternoon, Jack's stepson, Nick, was K-260's first passenger. Although ground run and climb angle were definitely effected, it compared favorable with the two aircraft that followed it immediately on on the takeoff roll (same as a Colt, better then a C-150).

K260(Nose).jpg (48691 bytes)
10/21/99 (48 KB)
K260_Front.jpg (52805 bytes)
10/21/99 (53 KB)
K260_Front_Quarter.jpg (48101 bytes)
10/21/99 (48 KB)
K260_Inst_Pnl (R).jpg (59869 bytes)
10/21/99 (60 KB)
K260_Inst_Pnl(R).jpg (65646 bytes)
10/21/99 (66 KB)
K260_Rear_Quarter.jpg (60076 bytes)
10/21/99 (60 KB)
K260_Tail.jpg (39512 bytes)
10/21/99 (40 KB)
K260(Owner).jpg (96692 bytes)
10/21/99 (97 KB)
K260(HndProp).jpg (127303 bytes)
10/21/99 (127 KB)
Video Clip
k260 movie still.JPG (30564 bytes)
15 second video just
after starting engine.
(1.4 MB)

10/22/99 Update:  Photos courtesy of Mike Bednarek. On 10/21/99 Mike writes:"First unofficial flight has already occured (high speed taxi --> light under the wheels)(without fairings/inspection plates).  Today, the new weight & balance was completed. ~699 pounds w/full fuel. The new paint added about 10 pounds. Herman Leffew is the bearded gentleman leaning against the tail. Note in picture 2 the correct propeller holes for the E-113 engine.  (Updated 10/22/99)

Bob Decker, K-23
NM1.jpg (48037 bytes) NM2.jpg (43144 bytes) NM3.jpg (45237 bytes)

Completely restored, but damaged in taxi testing. Major part of repairs now complete. Is installing new 80 H.P. Jabiru Aero engine to get power needed for flying from his 4000'+ altitude strip.  Notice the three bladed prop and the retention of the original E-113C engine mount. (Updated 3/21/99)

Airpower Museum, K-147

AeroncaK147.jpg (11561 bytes)

According the Airpower Museum web site http://www.aaa-apm.org/orgs/taco/ this
Aeronca K is currently being restored by T.A.C.O Avaiation (Updated 3/21/99)


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