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On Feb 17 2006, Tom Trainor peacefully passed away. 
I loved him and I will miss him, dearly.
 You are welcome to leave a Guest Book entry in his memory.

NEW AERONCA E-113C Tapered crankshafts are now available. 
These crankshafts have the benefit of the metallurgical and machining knowledge gained over the last sixty years and are balanced dynamically. For more information E-mail or call Todd Trainor at ttad@aol.com, 810-599-4035


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Restoration information, facts, photos, sounds, and part information, on the Aeronca K and Aeronca engines.

National Aeronca Assoication Web Site for information on all Aeroncas.

Aeronca Engine
- Online drawings
- Photos
- Engine Manual
- Tech Notes
- Model Designations
- more...
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Classified ads for Aeornca K, Aeronca Engine, and parts for sale or wanted.  Advertising is Free for Aeronca K and Aeronca Engine related items.

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National Aeronca Association

The National Aeronca Association (NAA) is an aircraft "type-club" with a membership approaching 1500, most of whom are Aeronca Owners.   The offical National Aeronca Association Web Site contains information about and concerning the NAA.  www.aeroncapilots.com

Important information about the proposed Spar AD!

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Aeronca still exists as a company today, although they no longer manufacture airplanes.  Their web site can be found at: http://www.aeroncainc.com

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