Drawings from Aeronca.com

Drawing Availability. Not all the drawings are available online yet.  Either because I have not found a copy of the drawing yet, or I have not finished scanning, cleaning, compressing, and posting the drawings I do have.  As I finish each drawing I will immediately post them to the web. You can also get the complete collection of drawings on DVD by ordering it here: Aeronca Drawing DVD

Aeronca Models.  I am trying to collection drawing for all models of Aeroncas except the 15AC Sedan.

Aeronca.com Sign In. You must sign in to Aeronca.com before you can order or view any drawings.  This is how I keep track of what drawings you've ordered.  You can select Sign In from the Drawing Index page or from the page banner.  Once you sign in, all your search results with available drawings will display the View button or Download button.

Contribution.  Aeronca.com uses PayPal to accept contributino. Paypal allows individuals to accept credit card from other individuals.  This is really nice for small online services, such as Aeronca.com because there are no other alternatives, except for you to send a check or cash.  No credit card information is stored on Aeronca.com.   All the money transactions are handled entirely by PayPal.   

Your PayPal account.  If you have never used PayPal before, as part of your "checkout" procedures you will need to register your name and credit card information.   PayPal seems to be a very reputable and trustworthy company.   It is free and you only need to register once.  Your PayPal username is your email address, which does not have to be the same as the one you use for Aeronca.com.  

Viewing and Downloading.  All drawings are in PDF format, so you must have Acrobat Reader (www.adobe.com) to view these drawings.   Click the View button  to see the drawing in your brower.   Some of the drawing files are very large, so it may take a while to display your drawing.  Once the drawing is displayed, you can save the file on your hard drive by using the Save Copy feature in Acrobat.  Alternatively, you can click the Download button to save the drawing to your hard drive.