N2737E Aeronca Champ 7AC - $13,500

AERONCA 7AC - ALMOST DONE. • $13,500 • FOR SALE • N2737E, All logs from 1946. Total restoration. Fuselage is A+; All tubes ultrasound tested, epoxy paint, all new wood, new windshield. Fuselage almost done. Original cowling, engine mount, no engine/prop, nose bowl, ailerons, tail feathers, struts, overhauled landing gear, seats, instruments, new headliner. Includes all PolyFiber fabric and chemicals. Both wings almost done. This was a total restoration. Everything stripped down bare, blasted, tested, primed, and reassembled. WIth a $5000 A65 engine & prop and another $2000 in parts you've got a brand new Champ. First with cash gets it. • Contact Todd Trainor, End User - located Brighton, MI USA • Telephone: 810-599-4035 .

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